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My trip to Puri

Well what would you do if you get a week long holiday from your work place? I have first decided to go to my friends place but then I planned to make a trip to Puri, Bhuveshwar – Orissa. So I started searching for some of the online bus booking websites to book my ticket and plan a week-long trip to Puri. So here are some tips from my experience at Puri:


Puri is a place that is filled with many resorts as it is more of a beach destination than that of a holy town. Most of the hotels are located on the beach road. I planned to stay in the Sterling Golden Sands where one wakes up to the River Bharghavi as you can see it joining the sea. The beaches here are private and are very clean. These rooms are very large and more comfortable also giving you a choice of a single room, double room or a studio apartment.



From Bengali cuisine to Italian pizzas and to Chinese, Puri serves all kinds of cuisine that tries to cater to every taste bud. There are many different cafes serving muesli and chocos to pastas to pizzas and cheese cakes. You get everything to you need to eat.

The Guide:

Orientation of Puri

Puri is a coastal town that is located in the Puri district approximately 60 kms from Bhuvaneshwar and approx. 500 kms from Kolkata.

How to get there

The closest airport is at Bhuvaneshwar which connects to most of the major cities in India. If you are flying from Bangalore then one could connect via Hyderabad or Visakhapatnam. Buses and Taxis would reach you to Puri from Bhuvaneshwar. Puri is well connected by trains from all metros and other major cities. Bus services connect Puri to Kolkata as well.

Getting around

Private taxis can take you around Puri, but anyways one can travel by buses to Satpada or to Konark. The cost depends on the type of car you choose and the number of kms/hours you use. Rickshaws are always available to take you around the town. However, most hotels would arrange for your transport.



The best time to visit Puri is in the winters. As we know many destinations are best to visit during winters. Temperatures are between 10*C and 18*C but to be warned, the sun sets at 5pm and it turns pitch dark within an hour. Summers are always very hot, with the temperature touching 45*C during the months April – May. However, the monsoons are medium to heavy. But the town is prone to cyclones as well so choose the best online bus booking services during winter.


Performing Arts in School and their Advantages

Schools from throughout the country currently have and are implementing performance arts programs to their syllabus. The allure of theatre, film, music dance, and other forms of arts is that these activities allow children to express themselves freely through a safe, positive medium. Besides lifelong appreciation for art in many forms should be cultivated through a school’s performing arts program after all.

Exposure to Art Through Performance Arts
School performing arts programs expose students to theatre, dance, music and other forms of art. The existence of a performing arts program helps students to venture outside of their everyday routine. This would make the probability of them discovering an appreciation of fine arts more unlikely than if they attended a school that has a performing arts program.




Performance Arts Programs Provide new Opportunities For Students
A performance arts program will help young performers hone the skills so that they will be prepared for the competitive world of performance. Schools such as Juilliard and Professional Performing Arts High School are geared toward this very purpose. It offers students exposure to acting, music, painting, printmaking and other facets of art. Students at these schools are held to a very high standard much like professional performers in the everyday world.
Encourages Academic Discipline
certain academic requirements need the students must fulfil to be eligible to participate in performing arts. This encourages students to balance and prioritize their tasks so that they may reach their goals. Typically, the discipline needed to succeed in the arts is mirrored in academics. If a student cannot cultivate the ability to study lengthy materials in English class, he may not have the capability to study a work of Shakespeare in drama class. The usual grade requirement is a C average, which is attainable for most students who are willing to apply themselves in schoolwork.
Provides a Medium for Self-Expression
By tapping into latent creativity, children can express their emotions in a healthy and creative way. The teenage years can be especially high-stress times, with college looming in the horizon and everyday teen pressures weighing on the young mind. Self-expression is something that teens can have difficulty with when they are unhappy and frustrated, with no outlet other than violence. The evolution of performing arts has allowed for positive self-expression even among troubled youth. There are even performing arts for the the incarcerated youth, as it promotes a positive way to relieve angst and displaced anger. This program has seen positive progress and has the potential to give anyone who is willing a second chance at life through art.
Programs Facilitate Parent Involvement
students in performing arts programs are encouraged to involve their parents and seek help. Parental involvement in the arts provides opportunities for the child and parent to bond, it is a great way to involve the parents in the childrens field of interest.



Mont Blanc: A review

When it comes to writing instruments I Love Mont Blanc. The build quality, the cratftsmanship of the nib, and the materials used are undeniably superior. Moreover, the classic color combination of Black and Gold (or Black and Platinum) is timeless. I own 6 classic mont blancs including the 149, Meisterstuck LeGrand rollerball, Meisterstuck rollerball, Meisterstuck ballpoint and Meisterstuck pencil, and finally the diamon encrusted 75th anniversary ballpoint. This review is for the 149. As soon as you hold the pen in your hand, you are impressed by the weight and substance of this writing instrument. I chose a bold nib to go with the significant size of the body itself, and it writes beautifully. Mind you, it takes some use for the nib to adapt to your writing style and will eventually give you the perfect softness, roundedness, and smoothness in the stroke. The ink flow is terrific, but it does require rinsing with warm water after each refil to keep the flow unclogged. Overall, its a gorgeous pen but doesn’t necessarily beat out any of the less expensive ‘Pilot capless’ or ‘Lamy’ pens in sheer writing quality. What you’re paying for is the styling, brand recognition, and love for the white snow covered Mont Blanc mountain cap. As long as you are aware of that, you will enjoy this pen immensly.


Having had my MB pens for over a decade, I can share some observations. I have two MB 146 pens that are very nice and write well. The quality is outstanding, built to last a lifetime, yet fragile and easily damaged. The question is: what makes the 149 so special? Once you write with it, you know how special it is. I have large hands and the way this huge pen fits in my hand as I write makes writing effortless. The nib is also huge and, for some reason, so much smoother to write with than my other Montblanc pens, or any other pen I have ever used, for that matter. As far as I am concerned, the MB 149 is the ultimate writing machine. I love it. This pen should come with a desk stand. I am still looking for one in the older style.
The next question is value. There is no way I would pay anywhere near what people are asking for this pen, even used. I paid $100 for it in a pawn shop in 1996, feeling it was a good value. Considering how much I have enjoyed it, I think it was a good value, especially if it lasts for the rest of my life. Having said that, I also use a Sheaffer fountain pen that has written many miles and writes almost as nicely. I bought it new in 1988 for $4.00.
I hope you find this review useful. If you buy yourself an MB 149, use it at home and do not take it with you in your pocket from place to place. Get a pen with a metal enclosure for your pocket. A metal pen is more robust and will not be ruined if it falls onto the ground.

An excellent fountain pen. Rather pricey, yet worth it. There are plenty of quality fountain pens on the current market: Parker, Waterman, Pelikan, etc. yet this a decidedly righteous one. As an Artist and writer, a pen in this price range very good. Obviously there are far more expensive pens, yet for the money it of a particular value.
I used and have used a Parker Duofold for 25 years, also an excellent pen. I use the bold nib, as close calligraphy one able get. Shall it make you a better writer, that is improve your handwriting style: absolutely not. Shall it make you a better Artist and man: decidedly no. Shall you feel better about yourself as a man: yes, priceless.