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Mont Blanc: A review

When it comes to writing instruments I Love Mont Blanc. The build quality, the cratftsmanship of the nib, and the materials used are undeniably superior. Moreover, the classic color combination of Black and Gold (or Black and Platinum) is timeless. I own 6 classic mont blancs including the 149, Meisterstuck LeGrand rollerball, Meisterstuck rollerball, Meisterstuck ballpoint and Meisterstuck pencil, and finally the diamon encrusted 75th anniversary ballpoint. This review is for the 149. As soon as you hold the pen in your hand, you are impressed by the weight and substance of this writing instrument. I chose a bold nib to go with the significant size of the body itself, and it writes beautifully. Mind you, it takes some use for the nib to adapt to your writing style and will eventually give you the perfect softness, roundedness, and smoothness in the stroke. The ink flow is terrific, but it does require rinsing with warm water after each refil to keep the flow unclogged. Overall, its a gorgeous pen but doesn’t necessarily beat out any of the less expensive ‘Pilot capless’ or ‘Lamy’ pens in sheer writing quality. What you’re paying for is the styling, brand recognition, and love for the white snow covered Mont Blanc mountain cap. As long as you are aware of that, you will enjoy this pen immensly.


Having had my MB pens for over a decade, I can share some observations. I have two MB 146 pens that are very nice and write well. The quality is outstanding, built to last a lifetime, yet fragile and easily damaged. The question is: what makes the 149 so special? Once you write with it, you know how special it is. I have large hands and the way this huge pen fits in my hand as I write makes writing effortless. The nib is also huge and, for some reason, so much smoother to write with than my other Montblanc pens, or any other pen I have ever used, for that matter. As far as I am concerned, the MB 149 is the ultimate writing machine. I love it. This pen should come with a desk stand. I am still looking for one in the older style.
The next question is value. There is no way I would pay anywhere near what people are asking for this pen, even used. I paid $100 for it in a pawn shop in 1996, feeling it was a good value. Considering how much I have enjoyed it, I think it was a good value, especially if it lasts for the rest of my life. Having said that, I also use a Sheaffer fountain pen that has written many miles and writes almost as nicely. I bought it new in 1988 for $4.00.
I hope you find this review useful. If you buy yourself an MB 149, use it at home and do not take it with you in your pocket from place to place. Get a pen with a metal enclosure for your pocket. A metal pen is more robust and will not be ruined if it falls onto the ground.

An excellent fountain pen. Rather pricey, yet worth it. There are plenty of quality fountain pens on the current market: Parker, Waterman, Pelikan, etc. yet this a decidedly righteous one. As an Artist and writer, a pen in this price range very good. Obviously there are far more expensive pens, yet for the money it of a particular value.
I used and have used a Parker Duofold for 25 years, also an excellent pen. I use the bold nib, as close calligraphy one able get. Shall it make you a better writer, that is improve your handwriting style: absolutely not. Shall it make you a better Artist and man: decidedly no. Shall you feel better about yourself as a man: yes, priceless.