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Performing Arts in School and their Advantages

Schools from throughout the country currently have and are implementing performance arts programs to their syllabus. The allure of theatre, film, music dance, and other forms of arts is that these activities allow children to express themselves freely through a safe, positive medium. Besides lifelong appreciation for art in many forms should be cultivated through a school’s performing arts program after all.

Exposure to Art Through Performance Arts
School performing arts programs expose students to theatre, dance, music and other forms of art. The existence of a performing arts program helps students to venture outside of their everyday routine. This would make the probability of them discovering an appreciation of fine arts more unlikely than if they attended a school that has a performing arts program.




Performance Arts Programs Provide new Opportunities For Students
A performance arts program will help young performers hone the skills so that they will be prepared for the competitive world of performance. Schools such as Juilliard and Professional Performing Arts High School are geared toward this very purpose. It offers students exposure to acting, music, painting, printmaking and other facets of art. Students at these schools are held to a very high standard much like professional performers in the everyday world.
Encourages Academic Discipline
certain academic requirements need the students must fulfil to be eligible to participate in performing arts. This encourages students to balance and prioritize their tasks so that they may reach their goals. Typically, the discipline needed to succeed in the arts is mirrored in academics. If a student cannot cultivate the ability to study lengthy materials in English class, he may not have the capability to study a work of Shakespeare in drama class. The usual grade requirement is a C average, which is attainable for most students who are willing to apply themselves in schoolwork.
Provides a Medium for Self-Expression
By tapping into latent creativity, children can express their emotions in a healthy and creative way. The teenage years can be especially high-stress times, with college looming in the horizon and everyday teen pressures weighing on the young mind. Self-expression is something that teens can have difficulty with when they are unhappy and frustrated, with no outlet other than violence. The evolution of performing arts has allowed for positive self-expression even among troubled youth. There are even performing arts for the the incarcerated youth, as it promotes a positive way to relieve angst and displaced anger. This program has seen positive progress and has the potential to give anyone who is willing a second chance at life through art.
Programs Facilitate Parent Involvement
students in performing arts programs are encouraged to involve their parents and seek help. Parental involvement in the arts provides opportunities for the child and parent to bond, it is a great way to involve the parents in the childrens field of interest.